The Impact That Social Media Shares Have on SEO

Unless one has been hiding in a cave for the past year or two, it is common knowledge that social media has an impact on the rankings and SEO purposes. We do see some of the noticeable changes and impact in Google search but the exact details and percentages of how social media signals affect the big picture is still a mystery.

Signals that we do know that greatly affect the SERPs include blog posts and Google+ posts. Personalized social content is receiving this extra love and boost in display visibility as Google continues to make changes to their search results. In their eyes, the more current/shared/precise search that Google sees will give you a better chance of being noticed in a personal search for a specific topic.

If you’ve taken a look at how Google has continued to change their results pages, you’ve noticed the decrease in natural results per page and the increase of varied additional results that Google is more or less promoting to be more social and/or a more accurate personal result experience that Google believes may be better than traditional results of years past.

Several Social SEO tips to better optimize your chances of being found:

  • Create a Google+ company page. Optimize your page to maximize its potential. Be sure to post your original content on a regular basis and encourage others to share your content and posts.
  • Add Google+ buttons to your blog site and your shareable social pages and sites. The more potential you allow for your content to be shared… the better. Too many buttons though may be too much. Encourage others to +1 your content, comment, and share!
  • Write keyword, original content for your Google+ page. Use #hashtags for keywords to be found also on the Google+ network.
  • Size of your network matters! If you only have a dozen people in your circles, less people have the potential to see your posts. Looking to connect with other influential users is also key. Also, when someone is logged into the Google network and may do a search… if you’re connected to them and their search is something that your company has posted, there is a possibility that the post comes up in their search with organic results.
  • Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Blog posts: Encourage your networks to share and re-tweet your content. This obviously lets a bigger audience see your post and the potential for them to come and find you and what you have to offer them.
  • There is also the strategy to know your audience and what they want to see and read along with the best times to post to reach them, quantity of daily posts and the quality of posts and content that you are sharing.
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