Best Places to Look for Social Media Content

Keeping your company’s social media pages active is so crucial as outsiders are watching and checking to see what you are up to. Does your company really need at least one post per day? Maybe not… but have you visited a company page and it looks like it’s been weeks or months since the last post?

In the fast paced digital world, if it has even been a couple of days, at least to me, it reflects them in a physical way too. With this in mind, maybe business owners just don’t know what to post on their page and possibly get frustrated or too busy to think about it everyday.

With the thought of all of the overwhelming information that is on the Internet, we thought we would pass along some ideas of where to find some great content for your social media pages.

Google Alerts: This is the best place to find great and relevant content for your posting needs. Google Alerts notifies you of important keywords and monitoring your brand and competitors. Great resource if your time is limited to search for content.

Your Blog: We tend to forget about this but if we have been blogging for some time, we should have plenty of great sources on our own website to use information for fresh content.

*Paper.Li & AllTop: These are both quality social media aggregator sites. Paper.Li allows you to publish your own virtual newspaper while AllTop allows you to curate content, subscribe to your favorite blogs and answer the question of “What’s happening?” in the topics that interest you.

Twitter Trending Topics & Lists: Being logged in to Twitter, simply check out the trending topics on the left side of your profile and home page. See what’s hot on Twitter and add value or retweet, if you need to.

Social Media Influencers: There are so many social media influencers but if you write down or compile a list of your favorites, follow and see what they are talking about. You may gain something that you want to “Share” or “Retweet” too.

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