Being Sure That Content Marketing is a Key Part of Your SEO Marketing

The old days of putting up a well-coded website and tons of links to get your website to the top of Google and search engines are well behind us now. Still a part of the process but much more is needed.

These days, sites need much more including strategies to acquire high quality, natural links, creating a buzz and social awareness, reaching a targeted audience and then converting your leads into customers.

The content that you are sharing also needs to be high quality and not just quantity to get more content online. Having too much content, without the eye-grabbing quality, is just adding to the ‘noise’ of the online world. Is the content getting your audience to stop and continue to the end of the post…and then take action…and a hunger and thirst to learn more about you…closer to a buying decision? This needs to be the goal for everyone… agree?

To do this and lead your audience into a buying decision, there are two key ingredients:

1. Teach them… about something they may not have known about their own business/industry. If you can help ‘open’ their eyes to something new, statistics, or a new way for a business to market or do business, you will have their attention.

2. Motivate them… and help them understand that action is necessary or they may be left behind. Create a healthy fear and show them a vision of what will be if they take the next steps.

Sounds so simple… and makes sense… so why doesn’t everyone do this?

For your company’s own content marketing, it’s so important to develop strategies with your team. Below are several to brainstorm together and decide what is the best direction for your company.

Review past content: Did content that was written in the past work and how effective was it in reaching and interacting with your audience? What worked well? What didn’t? How can you improve moving forward? Does anything need to be removed? Do you need content marketing services to create that connection or does it make sense to leave it as is?

Research and study Competitors: Find out what others are doing and the hot topics that they are writing to compare and make sure on the same page. Look at their style and learn. Others are already checking you out… why not return the favor? 🙂

Create and maintain a Content Calendar: If you plan and map out the strategies and what days you will be creating content for specific topics, you may be able to reach your audience better at certain times and allows your audience to also know what to expect on certain days, if making it a routine.

Brainstorm: Old school. Bring your team together and talk about what works and what hasn’t. Share strategies about ideas to try and test. What works for one audience may not work for another… so test, test, test.

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